Make an Impression!

How many times have you gotten one of those plain, white business cards?  I’m willing to bet that you’ve forgotten how many times, because those kinds of business cards are so forgetable.  No, if you really want to make an impression, you need to have a business card that backs you up!  Something that won’t just sit in someones wallet collecting dust for years before finally being thrown out or lost.  Yes, you need something that POPS!


But just where can you find this holy grail of business cards?  I guess you could spend your precious time truly designing your own original creation.  But time is money – so wouldn’t it be nice if there were someone who had already done the leg work?  The foundations of a wonderfully unique business card would already be laid out for you, just waiting for your finishing touches…


Well you’re in luck, because MOO is a site that has done just that.  MOO is not your average print company.  They go above and beyond to not only meet all of your promotional material needs, but to do it with STYLE!  They offer a wide range of products including premium business cards, post cards, and even stickers!


All of their products come with a wide range of exclusive designs and styles to choose from.  For instance, for business cards you can choose from the standard
shape, the square, the mini, and even the MOO shape!  MOO also offers over 350 customizable template options for you to pick from.  Of course you can always upload your own designs and logos and such.  However, I found each of MOO’s exclusive designs so inspiring that I couldn’t help but want to integrate them with my existing logo.

Make the smart choice, and make a splash with MOO’s unique business cards.
Save $15 on your first order today!

UPDATE:  My MOO Business cards just arrived today and I LOVE them!  Clean.  Polished.  Unique.  Other than the awesome throwback cassette design, my favorite part is the nice rounded corners.  They even come in a nice black box that has room for holding other business cards as well.


Click here today for $15 off your first MOO business card order!

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