Artist Feature: RICCA VITA

RICCA VITA PROMO PICRICCA VITA is an artist that knows how to push the envelop.  The Nashville-based producer, Timothy J. Ryssemus, isn’t afraid to take risks and it shows in his music.  His debut EP album showcases RICCA VITA’s jazzy blend of soulful vocals alongside elements of dark electronica.  If you think you’ve heard it before – think again!  RICCA VITA’s unique sound will take you on a contemplative journey through the mind, leaving no stone unturned.

RICCA VITA is determined to break the boundaries in all aspects of his music, most notably through his distinct effort to blend otherwise separate genres in new and innovative ways.  RICCA VITA has always been captivated by the little nuances that separate one genre from the next and how those differences influence each genre’s audience:

The lifestyle is the creative context and the sound is born out of that.  That’s why you’ll find yourself around many like-minded people when you go to your favorite band’s show – we’re drawn to artists that are on the same wavelength

RICCA VITA’s attention to detail and fluid concept of genre allow him the context to bring his listeners something they’ve truly never heard before.

Abba dabba cover Quattro

His breakthrough song ABBA DABBA, has been described as a “futuristic strain of synthpop and modern R&B” that explores “contrasting themes of hopelessness and defiance woven within a story of love and loss”.  In The Devil’s Inside of You (my personal favorite from the EP), RICCA VITA examines the futility we often feel when trying to rise above our own character flaws:

Just when you think you’ve broken free
Just when you think you’re out of reach
Just when you think that you can change yourself
The Devil’s Inside of You

His bold, refreshingly honest lyrics about the dark realities of life reflect sentiments that are far too often left out of the conversation.  RICCA VITA isn’t afraid to go there, and his signature style of jazz-infused electronica is the perfect soundtrack for the journey.

RICCA VITA’s latest music video for his collaboration with J. Hanna is a perfect illustration of his innovative style and ability to weave “multiple different aesthetics together which are both contrasting yet find common ground”.  It features a “tribal somewhat hedonistic, neon people” set in a 90’s themed space backdrop.  RICCA VITA says “I wanted to make something that felt visually exactly how the music felt”.  

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