Who is inKatiable?

InKatiable is a creative, with a daring musical mind, always looking to push the envelope.

InKatiable was drawn to music at a young age. In her youth, inKatiable spent her free time practicing on any of five different instruments and her summers at Band Camp.  Despite this, inKatiable was never satisfied playing other people’s music; there was always something missing.  That’s when she took the matter onto her own piano keys, composing everything from catchy jingles to full orchestral pieces.

In 2004, inKatiable and her family relocated from her childhood home in the suburbs of Baltimore to a town just outside of Cambridge, England.  This cultural change gave inKatiable the opportunity to experience a completely new music scene, consequentially broadening and enriching her already eclectic taste in music.  England was also the perfect environment for her introduction to electronic music.

Since her return to Baltimore in 2009, inKatiable has been striving to share her unique taste in music with the world.  InKatiable’s collection ranges from chill, beachy, and relaxing to all-out funky, bass driven tracks.  And of course, what collection would be complete without those new remixes of nostalgic tracks from yesteryear? InKatiable skillfully controls the energy of her sets, building the audience up to just the right moment… before letting it DROP!

InKatiable does as her name suggests:
gives you just what you want, and leaves you begging for more… more… more… more…


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