Artist Feature: KEETZ

Words don’t do KEETZ’s music justice.  His sound is dark yet melodic, with just the right amount of melody to flow overtop of heavy, propulsive baselines.

The 23 year-old producer, hailing from Michigan, had a knack for music from the beginning.  He spent his youth taking piano lessons, enjoying classical music (particularly Liszt and Chopin), and learning cartoon theme songs by ear.  After 10 years, KEETZ decided that it was time to take his music to the next level.  After high school, KEETZ enrolled in an audio engineering school and got the opportunity to study under the mentorship of a former mastering engineer for Motown Records.  Now he’s working with Artist Intelligence Agency as well as in order to put together some new exclusive releases.

KEETZ says that he draws inspiration from artists like No Mana, ATTLAS, and deadmau5.  With role models like those, it’s easy to see why KEETZ holds his music to such high standards.  When putting together a song, KEETZ says, “I would stay up until 5am mixing a track, trying to get my mixes comparable to deadmau5’s”.  The artist says that his sense of perfectionism can sometimes be a challenge: “Usually when I write a track, I already know what the entire thing is going to sound like in my head, so anything less than that isn’t good enough for me”.   That being said, KEETZ’s dedication to excellence shines through in every track he produces.

KEETZ’s first EP is characterized by dark, powerful beats accompanied by mysterious melodies that work together to transport the audience to another world, full of unknown possibilities.  After listening to it, it is easy to see why KEETZ would consider this his favorite accomplishment so far.  KEETZ says that, “each of the 3 tracks in it represents a specific time in my life in which I had to overcome some serious mental roadblocks”.  Listening to the EP, however, sounds more like he absolutely crushed those roadblocks.  Check it out!


I have to say, though, my personal favorite track has got to be his remix of Headlock by Imogen Heap.  KEETZ makes the perfect bass-infused backdrop for Heap’s light, ethereal vocals.  The juxtaposition is enough to give you chills!

Most exciting of all, KEETZ just released a new Shades of Grey remix.  Let me tell you, it’s the darkest shade of grey you’ll ever hear!   Another example of KEETZ taking memorable lyrics to the next level.  Definitely the best remix of this song by far.

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