Night out at Upstairs! Downstairs!

upstairs downstairs 1

Upstairs downstairs 3


Had a great time at my friend’s moving out party – Upstairs! Downstairs!  We started it off with a tropical summer groove and boogied on into some new twists on classics from Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Prince, and more!   That’s where the ultimate summer soundtrack starts to get a bit funky, featuring tracks from artists such as Zilverstep, Future Class, and Zerb.  And just when you think you’ve heard it all, the BASS DROPS!


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Madagascar Mix

If we were in Madagascar, this is what it would sound like.

–  Not really, but that’s what I would like it to sound like.

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Why not wander off into InKatiable’s Dreamland?

Get swept away by delicate, flowing melodies, over top of jagged, energizing baselines. Featuring some of my favorite works by artists such as Worakls, Bahlzack, Dole & Kom, and much more. This will be your best dream yet!

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Need to relax?  This is just the mix.  A sublime blend of chill, tribal, deep house tracks that will transport you to another world.  Perfect for getting lost in thought.

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